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The official cli tool for making financial markets analysis as fast as you are.

Pronounced “quote-tron” as a throwback to those awesome financial terminals of the 80’s. This project is intended as a living example of the capabilities of the finance-go library.


The current available commands are:

  • quote - prints tables of quotes to the current shell
  • chart - prints sparkline chart to the current shell
  • options - prints tables of options contract quotes to the current shell
  • write - writes tables of quotes/history to csv files


In order to use this awesome tool, you’ll need to get it on your machine!

From Homebrew

If you’re on macOS, the easiest way to get qtrn is through the homebrew tap.

brew tap piquette/qtrn
brew install qtrn

From Release

  1. Head over to the official releases page
  2. Determine the appropriate distribution for your operating system (mac | windows | linux)
  3. Download and untar the distribution. Shortcut for macs:

    curl -sL https://github.com/piquette/qtrn/releases/download/v0.0.8/qtrn_0.0.8_darwin_amd64.tar.gz | tar zx
  4. Move the binary into your local $PATH.

  5. Run qtrn help.

From Source

qtrn is built in Go, with v1.13+ preferred. Clone the source repo, like this:

git clone https://github.com/piquette/qtrn.git

Then run:

go mod download 
make build


Run the command qtrn in your shell for the list of possible commands.